Our new amazing new Zip-lines Park based in Sainte-Colombe-de-Duras
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Rules of procedure

Access to the park implies acceptance of these Rules of Procedure

The zip trip, is an acrobatic course in elevation, it is a play area. It allows customers to walk in elevation, autonomously and sometimes in an acrobatic way. The walk is practiced between trees or on any other natural supports, or even none.

The different workshops are divided into several courses distinguished by color codes.

The service includes:

– Supply and installation of personal protective equipment (PPE) for customers
– Activity details: instructions linked to the equipment and explanations are provided at the beginning of the session
– Successful completion of a test path for validation by a member of the Park team.
– Supervision, advice and / or required assistance during the session

In case of bad weather

In case of high winds, thunderstorms with the risk of lightning, wind gusts, etc, the Park reserves the right to temporarily or permanently evacuate the courses for your own safety.

Access to the facilities are prohibited to the public outside the opening hours.

Conditions of access to the Park (available to any person present on the site)

– Pre-existing liability insurance
– Be vigilant and cautious about falling objects on the ground
(rememberthe park is located in a forested area)
– Respect the panels, do not disturb the Park Staff by circulating or parking near the workshops or landing zip lines
– Respect the markings and paths on the ground
– Do not run whilst in the Park
– Respect nature (do not take our leave any object whatsoever!)
– Do not smoke or light a fire
– Animals are not allowed

Adopt responsible and prudent behavior in all circumstances:

– Clothing suitable for outdoor activities are strongly recommended
– Long hair must be tied, closed, shoes must be worn e.g trainers (flip flops or sandals are forbidden)
– Navel piercings are forbidden
– Any clothing or object that can lead to a risk of strangulation is strictly forbidden
– Do not keep items on you that could fall during use of the zip wires

The Park management reserves the right to refuse entrance to the park and facilities to any person who is considered as not fulfilling the conditions specified in this Regulation

Specific conditions for use:

– Be in good health and not be affected by any physical or psychological disorders.

Use is forbidden to any person who has consumed alcohol or any substance that could impede his/her capacity to operate the equipment safely.

– Purchase of an entrance ticket
– To comply with the explanations at the beginning of the session and completing a successful test path. This must be validated by a member of the Park team.

Obligatory condition before accessing the activities

– Minors under 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at registration, this adult will remain in the Park during the activity
– Children under 6 must be accompanied by a responsible adult during the activity. The adult should comply with the explanation given at the beginning of session regarding safety instructions and equipment
–Each customer must respect the orders and instructions provided
– Have read the related documents regarding:
– safety and equipment instructions
– various marks and signs which have been given during the explanations at the beginning of the session, regarding the independent practice of the activity
– Observe the instructions regarding the workshops, especially the instructions for using the equipment and safety instructions
– Respect the number of people authorised per workshop and platform
– The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited during the activity

After successful completion of the implementation test, you will operate the equipment alone

You are responsible for your own safety

– Each customer is equipped by the Park team with safety equipment, provided by the Park and checked before each departure. Any equipment removed and/or handed over must be checked by a member of the Park team. Using equipment other than that provided is strictly forbidden.
– Any person who, at the end of the safety instructions, doesn’t feel physically or psychologically able of using the equipment alone, and correctly , must give up the activity
– Any customer who does not successfully complete the practice test will not be allowed to continue.
– Permanent and continuous connection to the safety equipment is mandatory (life lines, safety loops, or any other element)
– It is strictly forbidden to interrupt and/or leave a course without the authorisation and assistance of a member of the Park team.
– In case of emergency, attract the attention of a member of the Park team immediately

The Park reserves the right to:

– Exclude anyone who does not comply with the instructions
– Or behaving dangerously to himself or others
– Or disrespectful of people, facilities or the environment
– To take or enforce any decision which are justified

The Park company assumes no responsibility for non-compliance of the safety instructions or any rule of procedure

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